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Our Enliven range is designed to consistently offer incredible value products, always made in the UK, with no compromise on quality or care. Our contemporary ranges take inspiration from the needs of your everyday life and our aim is to always add a little pleasure to the routine and help Enliven Every Day. Our offering is growing year on year and we are delighted to welcome more and more customers along on our journey.


Enliven is a family run business that began back in 1996 with the nugget of an idea. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and an zest for offering viable value alternatives to big name brands, that are all made in the UK and of the highest quality. We want to be proud of everything we do and as such we never compromise on our values or our products.



Here at Enliven we want to add a little bit of enjoyment to every day and deliver exceptional quality products at price points that ensure they are available to everyone across the globe. We have a huge international following and we love seeing how far and wide our products have spread. We want to meet the needs of a global market and ensure our products work for everyone, wherever they are.


Great British manufacturing at its finest, our state of the art 100,000 square foot production facility in Worcestershire is home to our Development Laboratory, Production Facility, Microbiology Laboratory and Warehouse. With over 50 years combined experience, this is where all our ideas are bought to life and made real by our incredible team of experts, who work day and night to make our products into a reality.

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